5 Proven Strategies to Getting More Dental Leads

As a marketer working for a small dental practice, it can be tricky to develop a campaign that gets your clients solid leads and boosts their business. If you’re stumped on how to get more leads for your customer, try one of these five strategies. They’ve been proven to have success for dental businesses of all sizes in the past.

1. Direct Mail Marketing
Direct mail marketing is a concept that’s been around for a while, but people are unaware of how effective it can be. Sending simple postcards to prospective clients in your area is an easy way to jumpstart your name recognition. It’s also relatively inexpensive, so you get a relatively high lead rate based on the amount of money that you spend. Spend time on the design of your marketing materials – you should send out cards or flyers that look incredibly professional, and you can even offer a deal on services to boost your return rate even more. There are also many printing companies that specialize in direct mail marketing that you can work with to get things done
2. Offer accessible text or email appointment set-ups and reminders.
Getting tech-savvy can pay off in a great way for your business. Customers are much more likely to keep working with your practice if they can set up appointments quickly through text or email, and if they can receive handy alerts about upcoming meetings and other news this way too. Promote this practice through social media and other online ads to get customers aware of it. This saves them the hassle of calling and waiting on hold, which is something negative that many people associate with dental appointments. Want to take things to the next level? Try creating your interactive app.

3. Revamp your website.
Many consumers now judge the quality of business by the quality of their website. Having a high-quality website shows that you are professional and that you want to make things easy for your customers. If your site needs an upgrade, try adding bright, high-quality photographs and using a clean, simple template. Ensure that all of the copy is well written and free of typos as well.

4. Improve your Yelp rating.
If your customers have a good experience, ask them to rate you on Yelp. You should also add a small blurb on your business cards and other marketing materials asking for a rating. Many consumers now compare businesses of all types through Yelp, so it helps to have a high rating and good, thorough reviews. You should also make sure that your Yelp page has all of your contact information, your location, and your hours.

dentist-(1)5. Have highly active social media accounts.
Focus your energy on creating a genuine presence on social media. Develop fresh content that allows your followers to interact with you and ask questions, and post photos and video frequently to catch people’s eye. You can even offer exclusive promotions for your social media followers. Even just one great social media account can completely change your business.

How Much to Charge Your Dentist for SEO

The state of dental marketing (and marketing in general) is changing drastically due to huge changes in popular technology and the way that consumers discover new services and products. That means that businesses now need to be focusing on the internet and social media marketing to get their services noticed. One of the biggest tools for getting a business noticed online is SEO – search engine optimization. It’s a key tool for marketers and an essential for business. However, as a marketing professional, you may be wondering: how do I charge for this?

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of creating a webpage that is optimized to receive more views and show up higher in a search engine result. This process has been around since the beginning of the internet and started off as just adding frequently-searched keywords to a website in strategic locations in hopes that it would do better in search engine rankings. Now, over a decade later, the practice has expanded into a huge business, with many different techniques. A huge factor in the ranking of your website is how many other pages link back to it because search engines consider these pages to have a higher ‘authority’ than others. So now, a big part of search engine optimization is creating a page that has double-ended links to other pages.

seoSEO as a Business

SEO is becoming a huge career for marketers with experience and interest in web creation and analytics. There are many SEO agencies that bring in work for their hired professionals, or you can work as a freelancer for clients directly. Both options are viable career paths and can lead to a big salary and enjoyable work. Rates for SEO can vary widely, depending on the type of client you have, your experience level, and the difficulty of the work that they need to be done.

SEO is charged by the hour. Beginners start at around $50-75 per hour, and highly experienced professionals can cost as much as $200. You also need to consider the complexity of the services you are providing because an easy consultation project is not worth as much as a complete SEO overhaul for a website. Another way to decide on an actual rate is to look at your competitors and see how much they are charging for similar services – you can use that as a baseline to negotiate your pricing. Finally, take into account the size of the business, as a small family practice may not have the same budget as a larger, multi-location dental office.